Harry Casimir

A digital marketing expert and serial entrepreneur, Harry Casimir is no stranger to the world wide web. After serving in the US Navy and graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2005, Harry founded Atilus, a digital marketing agency in Bonita Springs. In 2005, such a company was a new concept as the world was just becoming accustomed to the idea of marketing businesses online.

Since the founding of Atilus in 2005, Harry went on to create several additional companies, including Dixivox, a telecommunication company based in Haiti, Board Management, a project management tool of boards of directors, and Boat Marketing Pros, a digital agency focused on helping marine businesses.

In addition to his professional achievements, Harry also has served on several boards for his alma mater, Florida Gulf Coast University. He’s served on Florida Gulf Coast University’s Foundation Board and the Florida Gulf Coast University Alumni Association Board, once filling the role of Chair for the Alumni Association in the late 2010s.

When not working on his companies or his community involvement efforts, you can find Harry spending time with his beautiful family.

“Be different and don’t be afraid to fail. It’s cliché, but it’s true,” Casimir says.

Harry Casimir

Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Digital Marketing Expert

My process delivers consistent

Growth + Conversions.

As a business owner or marketing director, my team and I understand that it can be a difficult world to navigate. Over the last 15+ years of working in digital marketing and websites, my team and I have developed a process that delivers results. It starts with listening – we understand that we can’t create a plan if we don’t know what the end goal is. After the initial discovery phase, we get to work. Through constant communication and transparency, we provide with a partnership that provides values for years to come.

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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Boat Dealers

Are you a boat dealer struggling to take advantage of your online presence? This book is for you! Here, 15+ year digital marketing consultant and business owner, Harry Casimir, provides a roadmap for boat dealers to enhance their online presence.

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